Canadian Couple Uses Fiverr To Troll Themselves

Back in June 2016 I released a video detailing the vicious and clear targeted harassment and cyber bullying being committed by Amanda & Dean Inglis of Surrey, BC Canada.
Since that time, not only has their harassment continued, they have even resorted to trolling, making threats and even filing false police reports.

Here is a timeline of their deceitful, fraudulent and hateful tactics.
I’ve been bashed in private messages and on statuses by my-ex wife’s Family & friends for years.
Thankfully most of the comments have been deleted or have had the privacy settings changed. But during my divorce / court case in 2016 the comments, lies and hatred were made public on a series of statuses that caused my ex-wife to ultimately delete her Facebook account.

I had proved that Amanda Inglis had used a fake Facebook account under the name of Amber Carroll to attempt to solicit private information from Me and others back in 2014. The account was removed by Facebook after it was reported.

In the video I exposed that Amanda had only 1 review from her husband on her Facebook page and 1 review on her official Doula profile. From herself left under her maiden name ‘Carnegie’.

It’s kind of funny she gives herself a 5 star review because all the reviews on her public Facebook are negative.

June 8th 2016 after the video aired;
Amanda Inglis unpublished her ‘business‘ facebook page.

Both Twitter accounts Amanda used to attack me & my reputation have been suspended as well as her husbands twitter account.
Amanda’s most recent twitter account @AmandaInglisXEA was even displayed on her YouTube channel.

Her Husband Dean Inglis was also posting derogatory and defamatory tweets from his Twitter Handle @Deanomac25
Which matches his Fiverr account URL as well as various other websites he has joined over the years.
Here are some tweets showing the account was linked to his YouTube until it was suspended;

These types of tweets only show up if your YouTube is linked with that Twitter profile.
And as of today Dean still has his twitter displayed on his YouTube channel.
The odd bit is when Amanda started tweeting things about Her husbands handle relating to child abuse allegations.

A bit of insight into this comment could possibly be that Dean was married when he met Amanda who he impregnated.

Things start to get even stranger if you take into account that several videos have been created by a friend of Dean & Amanada Inglis, a Mr. Edward Ferguson who lives in Illinois, USA who went by ‘Wardo’s Weirdo’s’ & ‘The Edward Lee Show’ before leaving YouTube in late 2016 due to constant harassment.
Ed made a video in June just days after The Broadcast of information declaring Amanda & Dean as internet trolls.
The video was originally titled “Wardo’s Fun Dubs ► Episode 1 The Crazy Family Show”.

And is where the current intro to Dean’s vlogs originated.
Edwards Twitter @wardosweirdos is now suspended.
His YouTube & Twitter then changed to ‘The Edward Lee Show’ and Ed’s Twitter @EdwardLeeShow is now suspended and the channel has been removed.

A new version of the video was uploaded in July from a channel titled ‘The Edward Lee Show’.

This video was reuploaded to the same channel in December.

Which brings us to another strange part of digging into ‘The Crazy Family Show’ is that Two of Ed’s remaining videos specifically target Amanda & Dean.

It appears they paid someone on Fiverr to create a video about them, then created a vlog where they swore at and made fun of the individual.

The very same day Ed uploads a video claiming that Dean had to file a police report on Mr. NekroG for trolling and attacking him, when it was in fact Dean & Amanda who were trolling and posting videos about themselves.
They paid NekroG to create & release a video about them.

And then ‘called him out’ in a Video.
The video they paid for was uploaded Sep 6th on a YouTube channel named Amber Carrol.
They paid several individuals to create videos about them on the internet.
Including NekroG, Socalchrist, IvanN, ByronB & Others
And paid people on Fiverr to distribute the videos.

When Amanda Inglis’ first twitter handle was suspended for abuse, I forwarded Dean Inglis (her husband) this email:

A few days later Amanda posted this Status on Facebook:

And her response to the email was to create a YouTube channel and start attacking my 7 Year old child’s YouTube channel, with an account she made on YouTube only day’s after her public facebook post.

The image above is the nicest of the comments she left.
The fact that someone feels the need to attack Journalist’s and their children because they got exposed as a fraud shows their true character.

Watch me Expose Amanda Inglis, Ashley Ivany, Alycia Ivany, Eddie Sun, Ainsley Knight & Dean Inglis.

Fake News Being Fought In Europe

Compared with the US last year, European nations that face hotly-contested elections in 2017 aren’t seeing a major fake news explosion.

“Even as Democrats decry the false claims streaming regularly from the White House, they appear to have become more vulnerable to unsupported claims and conspiracy theories that flatter their own political prejudices,” political scientist Brendan Nyhan writes in The New York Times.

Appearing at an airport hangar in Melbourne, Florida, Mr Trump accused the “dishonest media” of publishing one false story after another as his administration gets under way.

But it’s not just Donald Trump and PewDiePie that are seemingly at war with how the media portraits them, many news outlets have been the victims of spoofing / parodying as of late that battling fake news seems to be like finding the light switch in an unfamiliar dark room.
But Europe is steadily more prepared than the U.S in the spread of false stories or alternative facts.

Catching fake news stories is like playing whack-a-mole but, in Europe today, there are plenty of people standing around with hammers waiting for something to pop up. Both in France and in Germany, Facebook has recently launched the same anti-fake news solution it had first tried out in the US: Users can mark content that looks fake to them to send it to a pool of moderators. In France, Facebook, Google, mainstream media outlets and civil society groups have also launched a project called CrossCheck, dedicated to tracking and stemming the spread of fake news stories.

Self-referential in nature, news is what is reported and what is reported is news. News and truth are fundamentally different concepts. Mankind invents rules to live and think by. News is one of these rules, being a central element in framing information. It signals an event or presents information or knowledge in a specific way to create a desired picture of reality to influence how citizens think and act.

Maker Studios Owned By Disney Drops PewDiePie After Anti-Semitic Video From Fiverr

Youtube’s largest content creator @PewDiePie has been removed from the Disney Owned Maker Studios network after a video he Produced on Fiverr was found to be anti-Semitic by Disney.

Felix Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie, posted a video on January 11 in which he paid two men from Sri Lanka to construct and hold up a sign that read “Death to all Jews.”.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t think they would actually do it, I feel partially responsible,” Kjellberg said in the video, after reacting to a video clip filmed by the two men who were hired on Fiverr.

“Although Felix has created a following by being provocative and irreverent, he clearly went too far in this case and the resulting videos are inappropriate,” said a spokeswoman for Maker Studios.

Kjellberg “showed a clip from a Hitler speech in a Sept. 24 video criticizing a YouTube policy, posted swastikas drawn by his fans on Oct. 15 and watched a Hitler video in a brown military uniform to conclude a Dec. 8 video,” the Journal reported. The newspaper also noted that he played the Nazi Party anthem in a Jan. 14 video before he bowed “to swastika in a mock resurrection ritual”; in a Feb. 5 video, Kjellberg gave a “very brief Nazi salute with a Hitler voice-over saying ‘Sieg Heil’ and the text ‘Nazi Confirmed.’

Trump’s Travel Ban Being Felt Around the World


“I’m not sure if either side presented a compelling case, but I certainly thought the government’s case came across as weaker,” said Stephen Vladeck, a professor at the University of Texas School of Law.
A ruling could come as early as Wednesday and could be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court.

“And a lot of people agree with us, believe me,” Trump said at a roundtable discussion with members of the National Sheriff’s Association. “If those people ever protested, you’d see a real protest. But they want to see our borders secure and our country secure.”

It was therefore unsurprising the panel asked pointed questions about the president’s judgment. As Judge Canby noted, the government had failed to identify in the lower court any federal offenses committed by persons with visas from the covered nations. And Judge Richard Clifton, describing Trump’s position as “pretty abstract”, bluntly asked Flentje, “Is there any reason for us to think that there’s a real risk” to leaving the status quo in place while the executive reviews its immigration policies.

But it’s not just the public that has felt the heat from the Presidents Travel Ban.
Over 90 big tech companies have also submitted appeals.

A host of big-name tech companies including Apple, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Microsoft have filed an amicus brief in a Washington state court opposing Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration.

A total of 97 firms put their names to the document, which supports the state of Washington in its battle against what is widely considered a Muslim ban, each one stating that their “operations are affected” by the executive order.

Louvre Attack ‘Terrorist In Nature’

(Christian Hartmann/Reuters)

Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said the incident was “terrorist in nature”.

Police said that the man had been trying to get into the museum’s underground shop with a suitcase. His bag contained no explosives.

“We are dealing with an attack from an individual who was clearly aggressive and represented a direct threat, and whose comments lead us to believe that he wished to carry out a terrorist incident,” Michel Cadot, the head of the French capital’s police force, said, adding the man had shouted, “Allahu Akbar”.

The attacker was shot five times and seriously wounded. The soldier suffered slight head injuries.

Le Figaro newspaper reports that the suspect is an Egyptian who entered France on 26 January from Dubai. Investigators are still reportedly trying to establish his identity.

A number of police raids have been carried out in Paris, including one near the capital’s famed boulevard, Champs-Elysees Avenue, and another in its 8th district (arrondissement).

President Hollande praised the soldiers’ actions, saying “this operation prevented an attack whose terrorist nature leaves little doubt”.

He told reporters at an EU summit in Malta on Friday that he expected the suspect to be questioned “when it is possible to do so”.

Restaurant worker Sanae Hadraoui, 32, was waiting for breakfast at a McDonald’s in the Louvre’s restaurant complex when she heard the first gunshot, followed by another and then a couple more.

“I hear a shot. Then a second shot. Then maybe two more. I hear people screaming, ‘Evacuate! Evacuate!”‘ she said. “They told us to evacuate. I told my colleagues at the McDonald’s. We went downstairs and then took the emergency exit.”

Lance Manus, a tourist from Albany, New York, described young girls crying in panic, and had immediate thoughts of the Sept. 11 attacks in the United States.

“That’s what we’re used to now,” he said. “I mean we have to learn to live with it, be vigilant. So we listen to instructions from the security guards and do what they told us.”

Fake News Had No Effect On 2016 Election: Study

(Regis Duvignau/Reuters)

In a study released on January 18, titled “Social Media and Fake News in the 2016 Election,” NYU economics professor Hunt Allcott and Stanford economics professor Matthew Gentzkow conducted a series of tests to determine which fake news articles were being circulated, how much they were shared and viewed, and what impact they had on voters.

Allcott and Gentzkow conducted a 1,200-person post-election online survey and used previous studies and web browser data to conclude that social media was an important source of information, but it was not a dominant source of information.

Their survey found only 14 percent of Americans viewed social media as their “most important” source of election news

“Our data suggest that social media were not the most important source of election news and even the most widely circulated news stories were seen by only a small fraction of Americans,” lead researchers Hunt Allcott and Matthew Gentzkow wrote.
In order for fake news to have a real effect on the election, it would have had to have been as persuasive as 36 television ads, the study concludes.

Fake news became so prominent in 2016, Politifact named it “the lie of the year,” a dubious award usually reserved for humans.

Allcott and Gentzkow also tracked stories that were categorized as fake news by fact-checkers, and found that pro-Trump stories were shared over three times more than pro-Clinton articles. Pro-Trump stories were shared a total of 30 million times, compared to pro-Clinton articles, which were only shared a total of 7.6 million times.

Looking for ways to spot Fake news? Take this quick 5 step test!

Iran BANS US Wrestlers From Freestyle World Cup

Source: EPA

The Wrestling Freestyle World Cup is set to start February 16th in Iran this year in the western city of Kermanshah. But Iran announced on Friday that U.S wrestlers would be banned from competing in the competition

United World Wrestling President Nenad Lalovic released the following statement:

Though we had hoped for a different outcome from Iran’s Foreign Ministry, we appreciate the complex nature of this decision. We are currently working to find a solution for the Freestyle World Cup as soon as possible.

Despite the travel restrictions between their countries I’ve been encouraged this week by the cooperation and friendship of the Iranian Wrestling Federation and USA Wrestling. As we’ve seen over the years, wrestling is a sport that unites people and nations. United World Wrestling hosts a full calendar of events every season and we’re certain to see American and Iranian wrestlers on the same mat again in the very near future.

How Snap Chat Could Be Worth A $20 Billion IPO

Despite reporting loses of of over 40 Million dollars last year, Snap is on it’s way to a $20 Billion Dollar IPO.

The company is currently engaged in another round of capital raising in exchange for third-tier stock options.
Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs Group Inc, JPMorgan Chase & Co and Deutsche Bank AG are leading the offering as underwriters.

Snap currently hosts it’s data and servers on Alphabit Inc’s Googles’ servers and Snap Inc will pay a hefty $2 Billion Dollars over the next 5 years for it’s services and cloud computing access.

In the filing, Snap said that it wanted to raise $3 billion, an estimate meant to help determine registration fees. The company may seek as much as $4 billion, a figure that would make it one of the biggest tech offerings in United States history, according to Standard & Poor’s Global Market Intelligence.

About 150+ Million users use Snap Chat daily and the company has it’s own advertising platform on it’s website.
Many factors will contribute to this rather high IPO but much like the drive-share service Uber most investor interest is built on the fear of ‘missing out’ on the next big thing.

Canadian Prime Minister Breaks Key Campaign Promise

PM J. Trudeau


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was branded a liar by New Democrat democratic reform critic Nathan Cullen in Ottawa today for abandoning a campaign promise to reform the electoral system.

“What Mr. Trudeau proved himself today was to be a liar, to be the most cynical variety of politician, saying whatever it takes to get elected, then once elected seeking any excuse however weak, however absent, to justify that lie to Canadians,” he told reporters.

During a release of Mandate letters the Prime Minister all but killed the Liberals electoral reform breaking a key campaign promise by Justin Trudeau.


Ms. Gould’s new mandate letter, released by the government on Wednesday, instructed her that “changing the electoral system will not be in your mandate.”
“A clear preference for a new electoral system, let alone a consensus, has not emerged,” it says. “Furthermore, without a clear preference or a clear question, a referendum would not be in Canada’s interest.”

Mr. Trudeau when asked during Question Period on Wednesday continued to voice his support for a ballot type system but apparently decided that a referendum wasn’t in Canada’s (Or his parties) best interests.

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, close to tears, said many people voted strategically for the Liberals based on Mr. Trudeau’s promise to change the voting system. “I feel more deeply shocked and betrayed by my government today than on any day of my adult life,” she said.
Ms. Gould’s mandate letter also asks that she work with Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan and Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale to defend Canada’s voting system from cyberthreats. In addition, she was directed to ask the Communications Security Establishment to analyze risks to Canada’s political and electoral activities from hackers and release a public assessment.
Ms. Gould also announced the government’s plan to tackle the controversy stemming from the Liberals’ cash-for-access fundraisers.
“We believe Canadians have a right to know even more than they do now about political fundraising and we are taking action,” she said.

Many party leaders and voters alike voted specifically for reform but now that the Acting government has no interest in pursuing the people’s interests, more articles like this are likely to surface.
It is devastating when a party does not live up to it’s promises, but this has been a recurring trend with Mr. Trudeau’s campaign.

PM J. Trudeau
Trudeau called ‘liar’ for breaking electoral reform promise. Photo by Canada 2020, Creative Commons licensed.