Canadian Couple Uses Fiverr To Troll Themselves

Back in June 2016 I released a video detailing the vicious and clear targeted harassment and cyber bullying being committed by Amanda & Dean Inglis of Surrey, BC Canada.
Since that time, not only has their harassment continued, they have even resorted to trolling, making threats and even filing false police reports.

Here is a timeline of their deceitful, fraudulent and hateful tactics.
I’ve been bashed in private messages and on statuses by my-ex wife’s Family & friends for years.
Thankfully most of the comments have been deleted or have had the privacy settings changed. But during my divorce / court case in 2016 the comments, lies and hatred were made public on a series of statuses that caused my ex-wife to ultimately delete her Facebook account.

I had proved that Amanda Inglis had used a fake Facebook account under the name of Amber Carroll to attempt to solicit private information from Me and others back in 2014. The account was removed by Facebook after it was reported.

In the video I exposed that Amanda had only 1 review from her husband on her Facebook page and 1 review on her official Doula profile. From herself left under her maiden name ‘Carnegie’.

It’s kind of funny she gives herself a 5 star review because all the reviews on her public Facebook are negative.

June 8th 2016 after the video aired;
Amanda Inglis unpublished her ‘business‘ facebook page.

Both Twitter accounts Amanda used to attack me & my reputation have been suspended as well as her husbands twitter account.
Amanda’s most recent twitter account @AmandaInglisXEA was even displayed on her YouTube channel.

Her Husband Dean Inglis was also posting derogatory and defamatory tweets from his Twitter Handle @Deanomac25
Which matches his Fiverr account URL as well as various other websites he has joined over the years.
Here are some tweets showing the account was linked to his YouTube until it was suspended;

These types of tweets only show up if your YouTube is linked with that Twitter profile.
And as of today Dean still has his twitter displayed on his YouTube channel.
The odd bit is when Amanda started tweeting things about Her husbands handle relating to child abuse allegations.

A bit of insight into this comment could possibly be that Dean was married when he met Amanda who he impregnated.

Things start to get even stranger if you take into account that several videos have been created by a friend of Dean & Amanada Inglis, a Mr. Edward Ferguson who lives in Illinois, USA who went by ‘Wardo’s Weirdo’s’ & ‘The Edward Lee Show’ before leaving YouTube in late 2016 due to constant harassment.
Ed made a video in June just days after The Broadcast of information declaring Amanda & Dean as internet trolls.
The video was originally titled “Wardo’s Fun Dubs ► Episode 1 The Crazy Family Show”.

And is where the current intro to Dean’s vlogs originated.
Edwards Twitter @wardosweirdos is now suspended.
His YouTube & Twitter then changed to ‘The Edward Lee Show’ and Ed’s Twitter @EdwardLeeShow is now suspended and the channel has been removed.

A new version of the video was uploaded in July from a channel titled ‘The Edward Lee Show’.

This video was reuploaded to the same channel in December.

Which brings us to another strange part of digging into ‘The Crazy Family Show’ is that Two of Ed’s remaining videos specifically target Amanda & Dean.

It appears they paid someone on Fiverr to create a video about them, then created a vlog where they swore at and made fun of the individual.

The very same day Ed uploads a video claiming that Dean had to file a police report on Mr. NekroG for trolling and attacking him, when it was in fact Dean & Amanda who were trolling and posting videos about themselves.
They paid NekroG to create & release a video about them.

And then ‘called him out’ in a Video.
The video they paid for was uploaded Sep 6th on a YouTube channel named Amber Carrol.
They paid several individuals to create videos about them on the internet.
Including NekroG, Socalchrist, IvanN, ByronB & Others
And paid people on Fiverr to distribute the videos.

When Amanda Inglis’ first twitter handle was suspended for abuse, I forwarded Dean Inglis (her husband) this email:

A few days later Amanda posted this Status on Facebook:

And her response to the email was to create a YouTube channel and start attacking my 7 Year old child’s YouTube channel, with an account she made on YouTube only day’s after her public facebook post.

The image above is the nicest of the comments she left.
The fact that someone feels the need to attack Journalist’s and their children because they got exposed as a fraud shows their true character.

Watch me Expose Amanda Inglis, Ashley Ivany, Alycia Ivany, Eddie Sun, Ainsley Knight & Dean Inglis.